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Single Origin Discovery Pack

Not sure which coffee to try?

Why not try them all with a Coffeestry Discovery pack. Our four signature Single Origin coffees packed into individual 60g pouches.

Get the speciality coffee experience at home. Omni-roasted suitable for filter and espresso brewing.

1x 60g Futuro - Brazil   (Tasting notes: Blood Orange, Dark Chocolate & Sugar Cane)
1x 60g Adola - Ethiopia   (Tasting notes: Red berries, honeycomb, violet)
1x 60g Pessego - Brazil   (Tasting Notes:Peach, Caramel, Blood Orange)
1x 60g Avela - Brazil   (Tasting notes: Nutela. hibiscus, honey, delicate acidity)

Also makes an amazing gift

Wholebean or Pre-ground